Lifting Towers in Kuala Lumpur

The land travel from Terrengganu province to Kuala lumpur took for 6 hours despite of express roads. There was no training during weekend, so the group decided to visit the capital.

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where I Stayed: Citin Hotel

Buddies: Group (20+)

Arrived at 10pm and checked-in at Citin Hotel which I think the cheapest hotel within the city. With a rate of MR200 per night with free breakfast is not bad for a two nights stay.

Transportation is not a problem in KL because there are so many taxis. Drivers are honest too and can be negotiated when transportation budget is less.

On the first day, we entered the 4th tallest telecommunication tower in the world, the Kuala Menara tower. With an entrance of MR20, we had accessed on the 221 meters observatory deck and glimpsed on the whole city. The shopping malls like KLCC and Times Square Mall for souvenirs never ignored by our eyes. The city itself was still a forest and there are so many wild monkeys wandering around.

On the second day, I woke up early to avail an entrance ticket to Petronas Tower. Accessing 171 meters sky bridge of the highest twin tower in the world was an achievement.


Fire at Terrengganu

DSC01001.jpgBeing selected by the company to be trained for fire fighting in Malaysia is an opportunity to travel at no costs.

The group left Dammam to Colombo at 10pm by Sri Lankan Airways and to Kuala Lumpur after two-hours plane transfer. We arrived in Malaysia at 1:30pm.

The Kuala LumpurĀ  airport was so huge and was named as the best airport at two consecutive years. We directly headed to the immigration building after riding an airport train. The immigration officer asked us about our purpose of entering the country and the place we will stay. Only one guy answered and the officer stamped our passports as she found out that we were in a group. However, our Indian colleagues had troubles because they needed visa upon arrival with a fee.

The tourist bus which will bring us to Awana was waiting for all the members of the group. After more than an hour of waiting, we finally left the airport at 4pm and arrived at the hotel at 10pm.


Comfortable Bed of Awana Kijal Resort

Location: Awana, Terengganu, Malaysia

Where I Stayed: Awana Kijal Resort / Terengganu Safety Training Centre

Buddies: Big Group (30+)

The Awana Kijal Resort is the only ranked five star hotel in the province. They have very accommodating staff. The best place for a peaceful dreaming and my temporary shelter for two weeks. The luxurious hotel prices ranges from MR350- MR400, depending on the season. It has wide rooms and has most comfortable toilet. Since this is a company paid training, I’m enjoying it for free.

The buffet meal is flooded with wide selection of western and asian foods. I supposedly gain a lot of weight here because I availed all the three heavy meals. However, due to daily training, swimming on the pool, and beach volleyball, I maintained my skinny figure.

15.jpgThey are offering activities for both jungle and beach. Golf and archery are also available. Beach activities are seasonal. Besides, the waves on the beach side are so disturbing due to monsoon.

Transportation isĀ  also available by booking.