944286_637776072903684_367050206_nHello, I’m James! I truly describe myself as a “memory keeper” as I love keeping things for my own personal satisfaction. Since high school, I wrote drafts on notebooks about the places I’ve been and activities I accomplished. When boredom strikes, I have journals to find from old files. The term “kwentuhero” is a self-proclaimed distinction with a local denotation for a story teller.

My life as an overseas worker in the Middle East is uncertain. But creeping some of days for travel lifts my spirit up, motivates my inner strength, and boosts my morale. On this blog, one can surf my journals while on trip and enjoying my vacation as a free family man across the Philippines and few foreign lands.

Moreover, this space is the total migration of my travel journals before the blog site where I secretly kept them was closed last June 2017. Like a house, moving in a different place take my precious time and effort for stabilization. But I do believe that I can fully furnish it even at a slow pace to be called home.