One Night in Orchid Resort


Comfortable Bed of Orchid Resort

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Where I Stayed: Orchid Resort

Buddies: Solo

Booked a standard room for THB990 per night with breakfast and airport transfers. This was my second time in Bangkok. The Orchid Resort is one of the cheapest hotel in Bangkok considering its location to the airport. I arrived late, so I didn’t meet their representative at arrival gate door 3. I missed printing out the hotel voucher but when I arrived in the hotel, they have a copy. The hotel staffs were well trained. The check out time was 12 noon, so I paid additional THB300 because I will check out 3pm.

My room was on the 5th floor and the building has no elevator. The stairs were so narrow to walk for two persons. Anyway, the room boy carried my baggage. I was on a light travel. I had a good room overlooking the hotel ground and the market. I also had a good spot for the hotel’s small swimming pool. At first, I struggled connecting through their free broadband internet for the portal was not directly open from my laptop. So I went down and asked their staff’s help. Account number and password was obtained from the reception.

Another, I was confused on the sliding door at the receiving area. One time, I mishandled it. Luckily, there were children playing at the hall and used the door.
Breakfast was American style with coffee. One restaurant staff humbly offered me for a city tour (with fee of course) but I declined because I already visited some spots with my wife and we’ll visit the others and remaining spots together.

“Amazing Thailand” and I was definitely amazed. For me, living in Thailand is so easy and the people are good and honest. Accommodation here is comparatively cheaper than in Manila. Street foods are healthier and cheaper too. Tourist spots are so many and need more days to visit them all. Taxi drivers are honest but only the problem for us as tourist is language.For “tuktuk’,they asked higher and mostly expensive than a taxi. I rather say that “tuktuk” is only good for first experience but choose taxi for a comfortable ride.

I don’t know when will be the next time to visit this beautiful place.  I finally left Bangkok at 6:40pm with Sri Lankan Airlines.