Cheers in Colombo

My flight itinerary was so complicated but it was the cheapest option to visit Thailand and a glimpse of Sri Lanka. Before leaving Bangkok, I drunk a can of Thai beer (just for experience) and I realized that drinking an alcohol prior for the flight was very bad. The awkward effect was still felt until landing.

The flight was so special because a lady pilot drove the plane safely from Bangkok to Colombo in Sri Lanka.


Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Where I Stayed: Good Wood Plaza Hotel

Buddies: Solo

My onward flight to Dammam would be next day, so Sri Lankan Airways gave accommodations to all passengers who were having such a long connecting flights. It was clear written in the ticket that the airline will provide a hotel in Sri Lanka if the transit period is more than 8 but less than 24 hours. So be it! After receiving a referral from the airport transit desk, we (I’m now with a group) went to Sri Lankan immigration for passports stamping. We went down to the arrival area and an airline representative was waiting there to give us our hotel voucher. We waited for mostly 30 minutes for the transit hotel bus which picked us from the lobby.


Good Wood Plaza Hotel. This hotel is just five minutes away from airport. It might be the reason why the airline chose this as a transit hotel for their passengers. The reception was really nice and the hotel has its own unique design. We were three persons shared in a room (same nationalities) and it was not a problem to me. I’m always ready for a room sharing.
The staff lead us to our rooms separated from the main building passing the hotel’s restaurant. The hall was dark and the room allocated for us was on the ground floor. I was really disappointed on the room because it wasn’t like a room of a hotel which already has name and famous. Besides, it was a transit hotel partnered with Sri Lankan Airlines, an airline with great sky services.

The room was so ordinary with a unidentified foul smell (bat or rat urine?). I thought, my nose has a problem but my roommates were also complained the same thing. We started the air condition and for an hour, the room was still hot. We started the ceiling fan to help and it seems effective but the smell was everywhere. There were folded fabrics hanging on every bed ( mosquito nets) but nobody used it. The room was for three persons but the available towel was only one. The complimentary bottle of water was not sealed, so we thought that it was just came from the faucet. We therefore went to the restaurant to buy a bottle of water for 120 rupees. Anyway it just for one night and our noses was immuned to the smell.

Restaurant. Both breakfast and lunch for me were average. The restaurants staffs were gladly served all guests from 7am to 11pm. They were smilingly assisted me when I needed to change a currency to rupees and offered me to try Sri lankan best beer.


Attractions. The hotel’s swimming pool was no longer attractive. The water seems not cleaned and not treated. Anyway, Squirrel captured my attention! Their numbers in this place was amazing. Crows and squirrels filled the trees near the hotel but hard to capture from my normal camera. Luckily, I spotted a wedding prenuptial in the hotel! Best Wishes to the new couple!


The traditional dress “sari or saree” wearing by all Sri Lankan women made them stand out from others. The clothing style was I first seen as uniform of the Sri Lankan flight stewardess. I found out that the ladies wore it daily, from the immigration officers, hotel receptionists, and so on even at the wedding.

Bye Sri Lanka, “A Land Like no Other!”I wanted to navigate your wonders but I’m only on transit. Left Colombo at 6:40pm.