Enjoying Novotel and Bahrain Museum

We checked out from Holiday Villa Bahrain Hotel and transferred to Novotel Resort to enjoy more the freedom we have in Bahrain.

Comfortable bed of Novotel Al Dana Resort Hotel

Location: Manama, Bahrain

Where I Stayed: Novotel al Dana Resort Hotel

Buddies: Family (+)

The reception area is part of my dream house. I booked this hotel a month ago through their website, so I availed the promo of free buffet breakfast. I was shocked on its normal price as seen in the room price brochure. I paid half of the price. They gave us the room overlooking the sea and the Bahrain museum.

Novotel al Dana Resort Hotel is on the right side of Hamad Causeway when going to the airport after the Bahrain Museum. The hotel has its own pool and beach. The room is so spacious with an old style design. We’re surprised for a music which continously playing when we entered our room.

A 15-minute walk from the hotel entrance is the Bahrain Museum. From the room’s window, the museum looks only few meters but when we walked, it took us for more than half an hour. The museum is open up to 8pm.


We entered the museum at 6pm with an entrance fee of one dinar. The museum is the short way to know the history, cultures, and traditions of  Bahrain. The museum offers a lot of knowledge about this small country. From the wedding rituals up to burying of dead. The museum is nice but there was no guide offering assistance to enlighten us deeply. Our fast and good reading comprehension worked to understand all descriptions written on every display . We stayed in the museum for an hour and went back to the hotel for our dinner.


The hotel offered buffet style of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The price varies. On dinner, the buffet costs BD11 per head and lunch is BD7. Breakfast mostly are free.

Conclusion. Bahrain is the smallest country in the Middle East. However, it has something big to offer to tourists like us and with family. It’s not cheap considering taxes paid in hotel reservations.

The taxi is available and cheap looking because of low numbers read in the meter. The taxi flag rate varies from BD1 to BD1.2 depending on the location you’re coming from. The currency conversion confused and surprised us that we have no longer money left in hands. The highest bill note I have during this travel is only BD1. Saudi Riyals is widely used here, so it’s not necessary for us, staying in Saudi, to change money.

Bahrain is open for other cultures. Despite of being a Muslim country, there are other religions too. The stores are open during Salah time. However, the Shariah law is still strictly implemented.

Bahrain is a great country with hospitable locals. There are still more attractions I missed to visit.