Iligan, the City of Waterfalls

The most industrialized city of Northern Mindanao is the best description for Iligan City. This is home for thousands of alumnus graduated from Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology.

Location: Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Where I Stayed: Staylite Pension House

Buddies: Group (5+)

There are so many changes on this place since I left. It is more crowded and establishments like hotels and restaurants are visible on the before vacant lots. The Gaisano Mall and the integrated terminal are also added on the list.


The Maria Cristina Hydroelectric Plant was again visited. At that time, the gateĀ  controlling the dam was opened enough to have the joyful background of the falls. Bathing was never allowed on this place because of strong current and turbines used in converting electricity. It has now a small restaurant and looks more like a park than an electric generating plant.


The Tinago Falls is actually the most known and a must visit falls. The most inclined stairs that must step on before seeing this falls was the most tiring. However, the fantastic view will assure to remove all those complaints. The water drops and the sound of nature will massage both ears and eyes.

The hidden view of Tinago Falls

As what I observed, the place became famous. For sure, it has beneficial effect on the city’s economy because of tourism. So many people wanted to see this site from different regions. No doubt, Tinago is one among the most beautiful falls in the country. However, disadvantage is also goes with it. It will be ruined and might be damaged if the visitors are not taking responsible for their garbage. I found left over foods and litters as people flocks and made the site as a picnic ground. A tourist from Manila told the young staff as she found a broken bottle in one of the cave. “Please take care of your surrounding, especially this place.” I agreed with her. For the kid’s future. This place is so wonderful and must be maintained to let the next generations have a chance to see it.


The best “lechon kawali” I tasted was ordered in Gerry’s Grill Iligan Branch. And we never forgot to buy the most talked “pasalubong”, the unbeatable Cheding’s toasted peanuts. They have now a spacious store.