Desert Camping in Al-Khobar

12-3-2010 267.jpgExperienced the thrills with both 4×4 ATV and car while racing in the desert. Witnessed car exhibitions and more for a one day trip.

Fun: No work. Time to do some odds. Our team decided for a picnic in a desert park. I thought there are food stalls and cottages, but I am wrong.  Two cars parked side by side in the middle of the desert. The picnic mat served as ceiling from direct sunlight.
Beverages and water are the most important things to bring. The sand was calm but it was full of surprises. It looks like flattened but it is weak when the wheels of motorbike passed it through. So many times, I lifted the motorbike’s back and turned it sideways just to remove and avoid to be stuck.
‘The whole day was so tiring and the trip ended by watching hundreds of cars racing and doing exhibitions while climbing the tip of the sandy mountain.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERASANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHighlights: One of my fellow coworker was accompanied by his wife, a 3-year old daughter and a son who is just started to walk . While the bigger guys were driving ATV and climbing those sandy hills, the young kids were playing and busy molding castle from sand. Unfortunately, desert sand was different from that in seashore so they struggled to build it.

ATV rental costs SR100 and SR20 for camel and horse back riding, respectively. The park has no entrance fee. I hope there should have food stalls build near that site.


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