Camel Ranch Visit in Jubail

I want to see camels, so when the group invited me for a visit in a camel ranch in Jubail, I didn’t hesitate to agree. It was my first time to see and touch a desert animal friend, the camel. A Saudi coworker, Mr. Mahmoud, was our guide.

It’s winter. The weather was so good to move yet the wind was cool and chilling. Around 9am when we were fetched from the city and bought “kubos” bread. Camels love bread as was explained. Passing industrial city and penetrating a wide desert for less than an hour was full of stories.

10First stop. We met a group of camels wandering around in the desert. We stopped near them but they fled from us. One camel, with a bell hanging on its neck, stayed on position and was not afraid. We offered the bread by hand and then suddenly all those camels came back and joined! They ate the bread so fast. After nothing left and we’re out of bread to offer, they ran away going to the nearest tent. We followed them and there were young camels. Maybe the father of the camel we encountered rested there. There are goats and chickens too!


Second stop. We headed to a real ranch where camels were feed with dry and brown hays. I wondered where they took those plants. They were not fresh! Anyway, the number of camels are wonderful. I saw the cutest camel and donkeys.


Third stop. Before going back, we visited Fanateer. Flied a kite and enjoyed the green scenario of a clean place with a sea gulf view.

Inspiration. One item was crossed out from the list of animals I wish to encounter.

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